Mondo Toys’ Deluxe Skeletor On-Sale Date and Details Revealed

Mondo Toys have revealed details on their new Masters of the Universe Deluxe Skeletor figure, available on Tuesday, June 20th. Like the recent Deluxe He-Man, it features a variety of parts and armors to recreate different classic variants. But that’s not all.

Fresh Meat on Them Bones

More than just a repaint, this Skeletor is a totally new figure with a top to bottom re-sculpt. As expected, he comes with Battle Armor, featuring magnetic interchangeable bat logos; and Dragon Blaster Armor, along with a fully articulated dragon. He also comes with the Terror Claws, although not the man-bra armor or bone dragon weapon the original Terror Claws Skeletor included.

A cloth hood and poseable cape complete his iconic ensemble. The villain also includes a bonus Alfredo Alcala-style face — as well as a unique Mondo-designed face — and the vintage toy head.

To get all these accessories, be sure to order the timed edition; Mondo will only accept preorders on this exclusive for ten days. The more basic edition — which includes a plastic hood, bonus vintage toy head, staff, sword, axe, and alternate hands — will stick around a bit longer. At $260, the deluxe version is still cheaper than most Hot Toys figures.

Longtime Masters artist and fan Emiliano Santalucia created the concept art, with sculpting by Timmy Hodges and paint by Mark Bristow. Official photos below are by Raúl Barrero. Take a look through them and see if this lord of destruction is right for you.