The Marvels Movie Figures Come in a Mostly Comic-Themed Wave

Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Photon will get brand new action figures for their upcoming movie this fall. If you were hoping for any other figures from the movie to be revealed via the toys, however, think again.

The Marvels wave of Marvel Legends will otherwise mostly feature comics figures. The wave — tied to the original July release date — debuts months before the movie. As such, it would be too early to show anything or anyone not in the trailers.

Totally Awesome Wave (Literally)

The Build-A-Figure in this wave will be Amadeus Cho as the Totally Awesome Hulk, who looks like a partial repaint of the MCU Hulk (note those movie-style shorts). For popularity’s sake, the wave will also include Iron Man and Captain America variants — Heroes Return Iron Man and Commander Rogers, respectively.

The Young Avengers’ Marvel Boy and the Inhuman Karnak round out the wave. Preorders go live tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern time at most of your favorite online retailers.

(Oh, and Ms. Marvel comes with a fully Flerkened-out Goose. That’s perhaps the most important information, right there.)

The fact that The Marvels figures are beating anything based on Secret Invasion to market suggests that — as last time — Hasbro‘s waiting to do a full Disney+ wave rather than spotlighting each show as it comes. One way or another, it would be shocking not to get some new version of Nick Fury by year’s end.

Take a look at all the official images below:

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