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Recovery Suit Superman Joins Mezco’s One: 12 Collective

Was there anything more quintessentially ’90s about the Death of Superman comic storyline than the Man of Steel’s black recovery suit?

With superheroes of the era allergic to bright colors and traditional costumes, there was something very much of the time to resurrecting Superman with a capeless, black costume … and a mullet, to boot.

(Poor Clark had to turn that into a ponytail, which proved even worse in execution.)

Recovery Suit Superman — as he’s officially known — inspired Henry Cavill’s look in Zack Snyder‘s Justice League. And now Mezco‘s One: 12 Collective, which has no shortage of appeal to fans of brooding ’90s heroes, brings forth the ultimate in 6-inch angsty resurrected Kal-El.


Resurrected after his death at the hands of Doomsday, this Superman lacks full powers. As such, he needs jet boots to do that whole leaping of tall buildings thing, and carries Kryptonian guns and ammo (with removable magazines, even). He’s also so mad he forgot to shave — sometimes. Four different heads come with this figure, and three of them sport dark beards.

In a nod to other aspects of the storyline, additional accessories include the Eradictor’s sunglasses, and a bonus hand — above and beyond the other six pairs he comes with — that grips the severed head of Cyborg Superman.

Finally, the package also includes accessories to make the tattered Superman flag cape that adorned comic covers at the time. A full cape with battle damage contains wires to pose around a stick base to make the fluttering sign of Kal’s demise.

Back in Black Superman runs $95, with preorders now open directly from Mezco. The figure should ship next spring, but longtime Mezco fans know the arrival times as initially announced tend toward guesstimates at best.

Take a look at more pictures down below. Then let us know what you think in comments.