Transformers Legacy Evolution 2-Packs Depict Optimus, Megatron Origins

Every great saga has a beginning. And before Paramount makes its animated movie version of the Transformers’ origins, Hasbro’s getting the jump with IDW Comics-inspired figures. In a pair of Transfromers Legacy Evolution 2-packs announced and put up for preorder today, iconic Autobots and Decepticons appear as they looked before the great war between the two factions occurred.

Miner Details

In the Rise of Tyranny two-pack, Megatron appears as a not-so-humble miner, complete with pickaxe and construction vehicle colors. He’s accompanied in the set by Senator Ratbat, who can become neither rat nor bat, but a purple boat. Megatron, naturally, becomes a driller.

Before becoming a Prime, the robot later known as Optimus was Orion Pax. In the Humble Origins two-pack, the young data clerk and aspiring leader comes with Senator Shockwave, who’s far less forbidding in baby blue than he would later become in purple. Both sets are Amazon exclusives, expected to fulfill their preorders August 1. Good has a higher price than evil in this instance, with Humble Origins at $69.99 and Rise of Tyranny $54.99.

If they look familiar, it’s because they are partial repaints. Megatron is partly derived from Siege Megatron, and Ratbat from Studio Series 86 Scourge. Orion Pax uses the Siege Hound body to become a futuristic truck, and Shockwave is pretty clearly a modified Siege tetrajet seeker with smaller wings.

Take a look at a few official images from Hasbro below. What other IDW-derived origins figures would you like to see if this sub-line keeps up? Name your favorite picks in the comments section below.

Miner Megatron and Orion Pax ally up.