Rocket and Cosmo Are Adorable Guardians of the Galaxy Hot Toys

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 features grievous peril for plenty of adorable critters. On the one hand, they might mostly seem highly marketable. On the other, any merchandise might remind a buyer of some of cinema’s more traumatic scenes this year. Thankfully, Rocket and Cosmo are still okay. So fans can feel safe preordering the most detailed figures of them to date.

One Raccoon and His Dog

Cosmo appeared as early as the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but didn’t actually speak until the Holiday Special. Becoming at least an honorary member of the team, she honed her telekinetic powers in Vol. 3, all while navigating the challenge of being called a bad dog. To a dog, that’s a near-mortal blow, it seems. Cosmo’s Hot Toys figure sports limited articulation, with movable head and forelimbs.

Rocket has arguably been the heart of the Guardians team from the beginning. A cunning, brilliant scavenger with a dark past, he excels in stealing cybernetic implants and befriending trees. For the third movie, he finally dons the blue uniform often seen in the comics.

Per the official figure description, Hot Toys Rocket “features a finely sculpted head with fur detail, navy-blue combat suit with emblem on chest, weapons and accessories such as heavy blaster and pistols, key card, and dynamic figure stand for aerial poses.”

Hot Toys basically sells two figures for the price of one here, with a preorder tag of $280. Payment plans, as usual, are available. Expect Rocket and Cosmo to ship sometime during the second half of next year.

Taker a look through the images below for more looks at the genius raccoon and the very goiod dog. Then tell us what you think in comments.