Mondo Harley Quinn Animated Figure Available in 2 Editions

She’s Batman: The Animated Series‘ biggest contribution to Bat-mythology, so no figure collection would feel complete without her. Harley Quinn joins Mondo‘s 1/6 scale Batman: The Animated Series figure line today, May 9. A regular version, for $185, will last as long as supplies do and is designed to stay in stock, while a special timed edition, with lots of extra accessories and a price tag of $200, will keep preorders open for a week only.

The Breakdown

The regular edition includes smiling head, angry head, big hammer, Batcuffs, Batman belt, mannequin arm, purse, certificate of sanity, Joker scepter, poison perfume bottle, and five Sets of Hands. The timed edition includes all that, plus smirking head, unmasked head, cheerful head, hyena pals Bud and Lou, food dish, bone, and slab of meat.

Initial shipments of the figure should arrive in September. Both versions will be live online at Mondo’s The Drop with more of the regular version undoubtedly available at other retailers in the future. The timed version stops taking orders on Tuesday, May 16 at 12:59 AM ET.

Harley joins Batman, Joker, and Catwoman in the Mondo 12-inch line. Like them, she features cel-shading detail in her paint job, though the stark red and black scheme makes it less noticeable. Since animated Harley is the original Harley, this is as true to the character as action figures get.

What character should join the lineup next? We’re thinking Robin, but which version? First, take a look at all the official Mondo Harley images below. Then, tell us whom you’d like to see join her in the comments.