The Feral Predator From Prey Finally Sees Figure Form

NECA‘s lucrative Predator license has yielded action figures of almost every Yautja alien character ever created — onscreen or elsewhere. So when the new movie Prey came out last summer, it was only a matter of time before they announced toys from the film. It’s been a long near-year of teases, but at last, the NECA Feral Predator has been revealed.

A Rougher Beast

Less high-tech than other creatures from previous movies, this particular Yautja favors a back-to-basics approach. While not above using a shoulder cannon, he prefers blades and bludgeons. He also boasts a relative lack of armor, which is fine, as his cloaking device works without it.

The figure comes loaded with a spear gun, open and collapsed spears, open and collapsed shields, and (of course) his blades. Three interchangeable sets of mandibles create different facial expressions, and the skull mask is removable. Multiple interchangeable hands allow him to gesture or hold his gear.

The Feral Predator figure is packed in a collector-friendly 5-panel box with front flap. Expect NECA retailers to start carrying him in stock somewhere around September. Unfortunately, no figure of Amber Midthunder‘s Naru has been announced, as human figures seldom sell anywhere close to the beasties. Perhaps if her nemesis does especially well, the expert tracker will follow. (She’s good at that.)

Take a look below for all the official NECA images so far. Will the Feral Predator enter your collection? Let us know in comments.