dog creature figure

NECA Delivers a Customizable Dog Creature From The Thing

NECA‘s had the toy rights to John Carpenter’s The Thing for a while. Initially, they focused solely on variations of Kurt Russell’s hero R.J. MacReady. The monster doesn’t have a tangible form, however, which poses more of a challenge.

The company has teased a Dog Creature action figure for a while, but it wasn’t clear how exactly they might package it. Now, we have answers. NECA has cooked up a unique and memorable sculpt that just may be a must-have for any fan of The Thing.

Alien Doggy Style

The Dog Creature will come with 25 interchangeable pieces for customization. Two base bodies, which depict a normal dog and a skinless monster, can be modified with additional pieces. Make spider legs pop out of the dog, or grotesque humanoid legs emerge from the skinless abomination. Dog lovers may need a strong stomach, hey – it’s only plastic!

Previously, the now-defunct SOTA Toys tried their hand at the Dog Creature in a boxed set with MacReady. It’s a rare figure, but the monster barely featured articulation. NECA’s sculpt takes things to the next level with detail and creativity. Expect it to ship in September, in a five-panel box with opening front flap.

Take a look at a few more of the possible variations in NECA’s official Dog Creature images below. How will you customize yours? What form of the creature should NECA make next? Let us know down in comments.