Batman: Fighting the Frozen Figures Pit Dark Knight vs. Ice Age

The latest McFarlane Toys Batman action figures seem inspired by those 5-inch Funko figures from a few years back that depicted DC superheroes as cavemen. Batman: Fighting the Frozen is a new four-figure wave of 7-inch characters in the Page Punchers line. As such, they’ll come with an exclusive comic book that tells their backstory. In a nutshell, it’s caveman Batman, Robin, and Batgirl against a version of Mr. Freeze who looks like the Bioshock Big Daddies.

What’s the Story?

Here’s the official Batman: Fighting the Frozen synopsis of the comic and storyline, as told by McFarlane Toys: “Theorizing absolute zero experimentation would slow the disease afflicting his wife Nora, Mr. Freeze and his beloved bride are accidentally thrust 16,000 years into the past. Seeking to return to their proper century, the frigid fiend attempts to recreate the unintentional circumstances of his time-manipulation experiment, callously unleashing a deadly new ice age upon the surrounding lands.”

“Robin, a brave young warrior from a neighboring tribe, pleads for aid from Batman, the noble leader of the Bat-Clan. Recognizing the existential threat to their peoples, Batman, Robin, and the stoic Batgirl forge an alliance to stop the criminal king of cold!”

Each Batman: Fighting the Frozen figure includes multiple accessories and a comic and retails for around $24.99. And now we know that if Todd McFarlane can’t find a particular Batman iteration he wants, he can just make his own comic about it.

Take a look through all the images below for more detailed looks at these stone-weaponed warriors and their chilly challenger. Then let us know what you think in the comments below!