New Book of Boba Fett Figure Reveals Across Three Styles

Typically, while a Star Wars show runs weekly episodes on Disney+, Hasbro reveals one new related action figure each week. This week, though, tying in with the penultimate season 3 episode of The Mandalorian, they’ve debuted three Book of Boba Fett releases. One Black Series set, one Vintage Collection set, and one retro figure. All of them from popular characters and types.

In the 6-inch Black Series, a Target exclusive two-pack commemorates the gunfight showdown between Cobb Vanth and Cad Bane. The Vanth includes resculpted parts now that he no longer dons Mandalorian armor, and is available here first. (All the deco on that armor upped the price to deluxe level originally.) The Cad Bane looks mostly the same as the upcoming individual Book of Boba Fett version, but with a new snarly headsculpt and laser and flame blast effects. Those extra bits up the price slightly — it’s $55.99 for the duo.

A 3-3/4 two-pack, also exclusive to Target, pairs a Tusken Raider with a pet Massiff. This Raider comes from the darker robed tribe that took Boba in. Massiffs in this scale used to lack articulation, but this one features quite a bit of poseability; notably a biting mouth. This $27.99 set, like the Vanth/Bane pack, goes up for preorder today, April 12, at 1 p.m. eastern on

Available everywhere, the retro collection introduces a new Jedi Luke, as seen from his sessions training Grogu. It’s similar to the vintage Return of the Jedi figure, but in rethemed packaging. He includes soft cape, blaster, and lightsaber. Expect to see him sometime this fall.

Take a look through all the images below, then let us know your favorite in comments!

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