Villains Go Absurdly Undercover in Super7’s G.I. Joe Cobra Escape Pack

Ever wonder why G.I. Joe villain Zartan could call himself a master of disguise simply because his skin turned blue and he had masks? It’s because compared to the doofuses in Cobra high command, he was. Super7‘s latest retro-figure set emphasizes this, with Cobra Commander, Baroness, and Destro pulling off outfits that could only seem plausible to a kid watching cartoons. The Cobra Escape Pack includes Baroness as a nurse, Cora Commander as an old lady, and Destro as a construction worker.

Baroness as a nurse, someone might buy. Indeed, many adult fantasies likely grew from this kids’ cartoon notion. But both Cobra Commander and Destro’s stubborn refusal to remove their shiny chrome helmets make them look more like robot Village People than civilians. This, of course, was the joke. As with Adam West’s Batman TV series, writers on such cartoons often pushed the reality of what kids might accept in order to add campy humor for their parents. This figure set comes from the “Pyramid of Darkness” miniseries, which is full of such gleefully ridiculous touches.

Thinking this might be an April Fool? Nope! Not only did Super7 tease it earlier in the week to ensure fans would anticipate the reveal, but it’s up for sale on their site right now. At $65, it’s not exactly ’80s prices, but the limited edition custom packaging ups the charge some.

See a few more images of the set below. Then tell us what you think in comments!

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