G.I. Joe Reaction Wave 5 Includes More Figure Firsts

For any toy collectors of the ’80s who wished their G.I. Joe collection had fewer visible joints and looked more like Star Wars, Super7 is there! The latest Reaction wave doesn’t just reconceive classic Joe characters in a five-points-of-articulation body. It also adds new characters never done in figure form before, as well as rare variants. G.I. Joe Reaction wave 5 draws heavily on the animated series for some of its characters, but that’s not all.

Most noticeable, perhaps, is Red Laser, a villain from Palitoy’s old UK Action Force line, which combined original sculpts with G.I. Joe repaints. Red Laser was a Cobra Commander mold repainted to become a laser trooper from Action Force’s arch-enemies, the Red Shadow army.

Check out the image below:

Raven makes her line debut, along with a gladiator-ish Snake eyes with a trident, and a “Jedi” Duke wielding an energy sword, from the episode, “Vines of Evil.” Rounding out the wave is a Cobra Trooper in blue camo deco, a generic army-builder M.P., and classic characters Mutt (with his dog, Junkyard) and Cobra twins Tomax and Xamot.

If previous price points prove any indication, these figures will run $20 each, and sell via Super7.com, target, and various online outlets. Preorders should begin soon, although not next week as Super7 initially promised.

How do you like these G.I. Joe Reaction figures? Let us know in the comment section below!

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