McFarlane Toys Showcases The Flash 1989 Batmobile, More

McFarlane Toys is finally making a Batmobile. And it’s one of the most popular ones — or at least a version of it. The Flash movie brings back Michael Keaton’s Batman, as we know, but it also brings back a number of his wonderful toys, like the 1989 Batmobile. This allows McFarlane Toys to make one too. It may not be a perfect 1989 replica, as the design features subtle changes for the new movie. And to keep it reasonably priced, there’s a better than average chance it only seats one figure rather than two. An upgraded Batwing is rumored further down the line.

Still, the company has confirmed that it will at least fit one 7-inch figure. So if you want to seat Robert Pattinson or Ben Affleck Batmen in there, go ahead. The 6-inch Adam West might come out a bit small.

Though action figure reveals will surely follow soon, right now the company’s only other Flash movie items are two 12-inch pre-posed figures, of Batman (Keaton) and Flash (Ezra Miller). The Keaton likeness looks a little off, but it does give us the best look yet at the costume, which is closer to the Batman Returns armored look.

Those aren’t the only recent DC-related reveals. McFarlane Toys also recently showed some comics-based Superman and Batman figures including Steel, Knightfall Batman, Tim Drake Robin, and Hush Superman. That last one is a variation of the previous online exclusive Ivy-possessed Superman from Hush, this time clean and without the vines. It’s not clear if these will all appear in the same wave, or separately.

You can see even more photos below. Leaked computer listings suggest the 1989 Batmobile will run around $80 at retail, with the figures hovering around their usual $20 and $40 price points. Will you pick any up once they become available? Let us know in comments.

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