NECA’s Gargoyles Toys Add Regular Humans Xanatos and Elisa Maza

NECA‘s not just making Gargoyles in the Gargoyles action figure line. Now we’ll find out if humans sell as well as giant winged creatures, with the addition of villain David Xanatos and hero cop Elisa Maza. Sweetening the deal, each one comes with a bonus pair of folded wings. Xanatos has Demona’s, while Maza has Brooklyn’s. Xanatos and Elisa were the most important human characters in the animated series, with the former responsible for bringing the Gargoyles to New York City and the latter a valuable ally in navigating the human world.

Unlike Defenders of the Earth, these characters have a more animated appearance than NECA typically goes for. The level of detail remains higher than on a typical cartoon-based figure, though. The Gargoyles seemed to have a less stylized aesthetic, but then, they’re already stylized in design.

Elisa appears oddly lacking in firearms for a cop, but does include alternate head and hair, police badge, flashlight, and her cat Cagney. Both she and Xanatos come with extra hands, though the bad guy does include a gun. A big blaster, with detachable blast effect.

Both Xanatos and Elisa have preorders up now at most of your favorite sites, with Entertainment Earth running them at $37.99 apiece. (Note: Entertainment Earth are affiliate partners with Superhero Hype, and this site may earn fees from purchases made through links.) Expect shipping sometime in July.

Check out more images of Xanatos and Elisa below. Then let us know what you think in comments!

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