Hasbro March G.I. Joe Reveals: Deluxes, Pets, and Two-Packs

During a Hasbro G.I. Joe livestream this morning, the team broke down how price points in the line will work this year. $24.99 remains the basic figure price point. Add $10 for more deluxe figures that need extra or larger accessories. Add another $10 for figures with “pets,” be they articulated animals or robots. Then at $10 more — $54.99 — come the two packs with a little more gear than two individual figures. The Hasbro March G.I. Joe reveals included at least one of each.

For the two-pack, a Pulse exclusive set of Valkyries, the Cobra female trooper division. These women wear versions of the classic blue Cobra army outfit, with interchangeable heads, blast effects, and lots of weapons. This pair will be Hasbro Pulse exclusive, as will a $34.99 deluxe figure of Snow Job, with alternate head, skis, snowshoes, ski poles, and more.

The $44.99 figure with a “pet” in this case is Scrap-Iron, though the pet is a missile-launching drone, with articulated treads and multiple blast effects. The blast effects for the larger missiles also work with smaller missile-firing characters like Bazooka. This set will sell everywhere Joes are sold.

Full reveals for the next preorder wave included Shipwreck, Bazooka, Torpedo, Copperhead, and Rock N’ Roll. Look for them at your favorite sites at 1 p.m. eastern. Digital render reveals showed the designs for Tunnel Rat , Low Light, Firefly version 2, and Shadow Tracker. For those less familiar with that last one, he’s a Predator-like Cobra jungle hunter from the 2011 movie-inspired Pursuit of Cobra line.

Upcoming figures named but not shown: karate expert Quick Kick, Rocky-inspired Cobra boxer/drill instructor Big Boa, and military policeman Mutt, with his dog Junkyard.

Take a look through our screencaps below to see how they came out. Then tell us your favorites in comments.

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