Mondo’s Masters of the Universe Prepare Trap Jaw for Preorder

In almost every iteration of Masters of the Universe, Trap Jaw features as a prominent evil warrior. Visually, he’s like a space pirate, with the Jolly Roger on his belt and a hook hand that can switch out with other sinister accessories. In updated versions of the mythos, he’s an intergalactic bounty hunter known as Kronis, who suffered terrible injury to his face and arm at the hands of either Keldor or Skeletor. Rebuilt as a cyborg with a steel jaw and robot arm, the newly named Trap Jaw serves Skeletor as penance. Or, in the case of Revelation, serves Tri-Klops and his techno-virus religion.

The upcoming Mondo Trap Jaw can be rebuilt as Kronis, with interchangeable pre-Trap Jaw head and arm. Pose him as Trap Jaw, and choose from two different heads — one with classic toy-styled jaw, and another with a mega-Mondo jaw. Augment his arm with all three classic toy accessories, as well as cartoon-inspired accessories like his bow and flyswatter. Marvel at the new extra details like a working piston joint on the robot arm.

Mondo begins preorders next Tuesday, March 7, with a 48-hour window to place yours. He costs $235, with an option of a four-payment plan. It appears that Trap Jaw features lots of new body parts, but if the Classics line was any indication, we could see them reused quite a bit.

Take a look at all the official images below. (Yes, his helmet is still apparently designed for awkward ziplining!) Then let us know in comments if you’ll preorder him!

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