Seek the Grail With Indiana Jones Retro and 6-Inch Figure Reveals

Kenner originally only made Indiana Jones figures for Raiders of the Lost Ark. They lost the Temple of Doom toy rights to LJN, and then nobody did anything until Hasbro relaunched a 3-3/4 line again to tie in with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. For any old-school fans that felt disappointed with a Kenner collection not going any further, though, here’s some good news for Indiana Jones retro. The updated vintage-style line will expand into at least the original trilogy, with Temple of Doom Indy and Short Round, and a Last Crusade Indy with his tie on, and the Holy Grail.

Both Indys will maintain the quick-draw action, while Short Round includes a flaming torch. Expect them to run around $12 as online exclusives later this spring.

That’s not all. The 6-inch adventure series continues to fill out the main roster with retail exclusives between movie-themed build-an-artifact waves. So while we wait for a full-on Temple of Doom wave, Target will add figures of Indy in Raiders map room gear, and unexpected longshot Kazim from Last Crusade, who hasn’t had a figure before, with three different guns.

Preorders won’t be available on these figures, but you can expect to see them go on sale fairly soon. Take a look at all the images below for more. Then let us know which is your favorite in comments — but choose wisely!

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