Mezco Kicks off New Kaiju Collective Line With 1954 Godzilla

It’s been a while since Mezco Toyz kicked off a whole new style, but when they do, it’s impactful. From Living Dead Dolls to One:12 Collective and Five Points, they take and show pride in being the best at the style each one defines. Now they have a powerful debut ready to stomp on the field, and it’s called the Kaiju Collective. Like the One:12 Collective, this line will feature high-quality articulation, execution, and accessories. Unlike it, it can’t possible be called 1/12 scale. At eight-ish inches tall, though, it should play well, with Super7 and NECA’s Godzillas. Kicking things off, of course, is Godzilla.

Well, technically, it’s Gojira, the 1954 original, in black and white. But whether fans prefer the dubs and reshoots of the American version, or the original Japanese cut, it’s the same monster. This big G features a seamless body with internal articulation, plus a hinged jaw. Make him crush puny human defenses with the included tanks, cannons, jet plane, and train, along with interchangeable hands to hold them all. He even comes with two wrecked buildings and detachable atomic breath.

Preorder this hefty nuclear monster for $140, with a projected delivery by the end of this year. Mezco promises more of “pop culture’s most familiar monsters,” which likely means they won’t just stick to Godzilla foes. Perhaps Gamera is on the table. Screen-specific versions of King Kong tend to have complicate rights issues, however. (Though he’s at least partly public domain, which has allowed toy companies to make original versions of him.)

Check out the images of 1954 Godzilla below. Then tell us in comments whom you’d like to see in the Kaiju Collective!

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