Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics Wave 2 Fills out the Team

In the 1983 TV cartoon based on Dungeons & Dragons, a group of six kids go on a fantasy dark ride, only to find themselves sucked in to a real fantasy realm. Assigned D&D “classes,” they must each fill a role in their new adventure party, and save their new world from darkness. Hasbro recently released the first three team members as part of a new Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics action figure line. Now they’ve announced a second wave, to fill out the key six.

Presto the Magician, whose name always seemed extremely convenient and portentous, includes a magic effect, alternate hair, and removable pointy hat. His spells rarely work as intended, a typical comedy side-effect of ’80s cartoons. (Just ask Orko or Madam Razz.)

Eric the Cavalier may be spoiled and rich, but his mighty shield can save his friends in a pinch. For the toy, it features a translucent energy effect.

Sheila the Thief helps overcome her own fears with the cloak of invisibility, which activates when she raises the hood. The figure comes with both non-invisible hood-down version, and a “disappearing” hood-up alternate. And all figures come with an official die to make a complete dice set.

These figures are expected to go up for preorder soon, possibly as early as today. Some toy reviewers had quality control issues with the first wave breaking easily, so here’s hoping Hasbro has heard and made adjustments.

Will you preorder the rest of the team? Let us know in comments!

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