1989 Michael Keaton Batman and Batmobile Return as Hot Toys

Considering the sheer deluge of merchandise across all platforms heralding the release of Batman in 1989, it’s actually remarkable there weren’t more toys then. With the license given to new company Toy Biz, and actor likenesses a rare, almost non-existent concept, action figures got severely under-produced, and didn’t look like the actors anyway. Only a couple of years later, when Kenner re-obtained the Batman license, did the multiple Michael Keaton figures begin to flow. But they never did a Keaton Batman and Batmobile quite like this.

Hot Toys don’t just have a new Keaton Batman in the works. They have one with rolling eyes, interchangeable faces, and the option of buying a deluxe gargoyle base that towers over him. Oh, and a Batmobile scaled to 12-inch figures. Hot Toys frequently shows off vehicles like this without ever delivering, but this black beauty is up for preorder now at $715. That may sound pricey, but it’s only a little more than two figures. And consider what the car can do. It features “slide-open canopy door; head and taillights, jet engine and dashboard panel with LED light up function; rotatable wheels; gadgets including the side-mounted batdisc launchers, machine guns, grappling hooks and shinbreakers, and a rotary base.”

Batman runs $279 without the diorama piece; $345 with. Both versions include “a specialized body highlighting Batman’s muscular form; the newly designed Batsuit to mimic the material appearance; unique Bat gadgets including grapple gun, a gauntlet with line launcher, rope attached Batarang, ninja wheels, smoke capsules; also accessories including a white heel shoe, Batmobile remote, bomb timer, and punch gear.”

A lot of Batman merchandise this year will depict Keaton in the updated Batsuit for The Flash. Hot Toys gives us what we want with the original version. Take a look at all the images below and see for yourself.

Will you preorder this Dark Knight and his ride? Let us know in comments.

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