Super7’s Newest Variant Slash TMNT Figure Positively Glows

Arguably the second most famous Slash of the ’90s is back, and you can’t miss him this time. Not the Guns N’ Roses guitarist, but the evil ninja turtle from Dimension X has a whole new shine to him. Super7 continues its series of glow-in-the-dark Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles variants, following a full wave of the classic four turtles, Mutagen Man, Foot Soldier, and Baxter Stockman. Slash includes a glowing green and blue color scheme, giving him highlights even in the dark.

This pizza-hating poltroon includes an alternate closed-mouth head, and warped, jagged versions of the main turtle weapons, with a sai, sword, nunchuk, club, spiked dagger, and throwing stars. Plus, because he’s not bound by any ninja honor code, grenades. He includes four pairs of hands in all, for various weapon holds and gestures.

That glow doesn’t come cheap — there’s a $5 upcharge over the original, for a $60 tag plus shipping. A Super7 preorder exclusive, he’s available to reserve through March 10 at 6 p.m. Delivery time is possibly this fall, although Super7 shipping times can become extremely subject to change.

Do you want to see this savage slasher come home and light up your life? Give us your shiny new thoughts in the comment section below!

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