G.I. Joe Deluxe Reveals Include the Steel Corps

Before the Selfie Series, ’80s G.I. Joe had the Steel Brigade figure, a personalized figure you, the buyer, could name and assemble a custom bio for. Covered head to toe in gear, he could be any race, but he only came on a male body. That changes in Classified, which will offer a “Steel Corps” two-pack that includes a new female body-type version as well. The name “Steel Brigade” was already snapped up by the Classified-compatible line Valaverse, which also uses a few other expired Hasbro trademarks like “Action Force,” and even cranked out a Sgt. Slaughter figure before he re-upped with the Joes.

The Steel Corps feature accessories that will likely hike the price above the usual $49.99 for a two-pack. They include the blast effects from the Viper army builder pack, as well as jetpacks and alternate, more modernized helmets alongside the classic versions. Battling them in the air will be the long-requested Cobra Trubble Bubble Flight pod, complete with a Tele-Viper who comes with three heads: Black, White, and robot.

Scrap Iron was an extra-cool figure in the original line, since he came with a big missile launcher and didn’t cost anything extra for it. Don’t expect that to remain the case with his elaborate update, loaded with blast effects.

Snow Job comes with so much gear and a bonus head that he may get priced as deluxe. We shall see when preorders begin.

As these are just digital renders, preorder dates remain currently unknown. Once they make it to prototype stage, then we usually get the advance sales.

Which of these new Joes is your favorite? Let us know in comments.

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