Relive Sean Bean’s LOTR Death With Boromir and Lurtz Figures

Sean Bean‘s notorious for dying in movies, and he seems especially doomed when wearing fantasy garb. Now, though, you can be the one to doom him. Diamond Select‘s next Lord of the Rings action figure release doesn’t just include Boromir; it also features the Uruk-hai who killed him. Lurtz, in full battle armor, joins his victim in the popular specialty toy line.

Both figures will sell separately, but who isn’t going to want both? The Fellowship’s angriest man is most notable for getting his brutal comeuppance, cementing actor Sean Bean’s legacy of memorable death scenes. Maybe a future exclusive two pack can feature Boromir with arrows sticking out and a Lurtz that falls apart after Aragorn cuts him up.

In the meantime, we don’t yet know what accessories come with each figure, though the official product description mentions “interchangeable parts and accessories.” Ever since the Sauron build-a-figure wave ended, most of Diamond Select’s Lord of the Rings figures have come with multiple accessories to make up for it.

Remarkably, the preorder price is holding at $49.98 for the set of both, which makes these 7-inch figures the same price as similar Hasbro 6-inchers.

Will you buy both, one, or none? Let us know in comments.

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