First Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Maximal Toy Is Airazor

Though we’ve seen a few action figures officially debut based on Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, none so far has been an actual beast. Until now. On the heels of Michelle Yeoh’s recent acting awards and Oscar heat, her Maximal alter-ego is now in toy form. Airazor, who converts from winged humanoid robot to mechanical peregrine falcon, joins the Studio Series in Deluxe Class scale.

For those keeping count, Airazor is #97 in the subline based on and inspired by the live-action and animated movies. Per the official description, “Featuring movie-inspired details and accessories, the new Studio Series Airazor action figure stands 4.5” tall and can convert from robot to peregrine falcon mode in 23 steps. The figure includes 2 photon blaster accessories that attach to the figure in both modes.”

Expect Airazor to arrive in stores no earlier than Feb. 17. (April 1 if ordered from Hasbro Pulse.) Though a little more “busy” than the CG design in the original Beast Wars cartoon, she’s not radically far off model. Airazor was originally the only Maximal besides Optimus Primal who could fly, making her invaluable for reconnaissance.

Check out a few more images of the new figure below. Then let us know what you think of it in comments beneath it!

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