Hasbro Announces Indiana Jones Exclusive Figures, More Hints

Hasbro Pulse ran its first Indiana Jones-related livestream this morning. While they didn’t announce as much as some fans might have hoped – no wave 2 reveals yet! – we got to see some retail exclusive and retro figures never before shown. The Indiana Jones exclusive figures, like similar figures in other lines, won’t include build-an-artifact pieces, but will come with more accessories.

Target gets the first – a Club Obi-Wan Indy from Temple of Doom. In white jacketed tux, this version of Dr. Jones includes the remains of Nurhachi, the diamond, antidote vial, flaming chicken skewer, and a large sword. Walmart will get the other two exclusives. One is Professor Indiana Jones, with diary and Crusader shield. The other is Last Crusade villain Walter Donovan, with the false Holy Grail and alternate zombie head.

From the retro line, mimicking Kenner’s original figures, Marion will come with cloth dress and the monkey, Toht includes his removable jacket, and the German Mechanic features spring-action wrench wielding. A new version of the original mail-away Belloq will also come carded for the first time outside of prototypes.

A 12-inch Indy features whip-cracking and voice samples; while aimed at kids, it features a scanned Harrison Ford likeness. To close out the stream, Hasbro revealed what the next 6-inch figures will be, along with images hinting at their attire. A Temple of Doom wave will include Rope Bridge Indy, Possessed Indy, and Short Round, while a Dial of Destiny wave gives us Helena Shaw and 1969 Indy.

Take a look at our screencaps from the livestream below. Are you excited for these figures? Let us know in comments.

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