Mezco TMNT Box Set Full Reveal: Unique Figures, Many Extras

Just when collectors think every possible iteration of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has made it to toys, yet another new company gets the license. The Mezco TMNT box set, announced back at Toy Fair, gives the masters of One:12 scale a crack at the foursome. And they’re not cheap — the box set clocks in at $400. But for that, buyers get four figures and a whole lot of extras.

Most importantly, while Mezco tends to use generic bodies under clothes for One: 12 figures, the turtles all sport unique body sculpts. They include fabric clothes, too. The standard trenchcoat disguise, a Last Ronin-style hooded cloak, a yellow hoodie, scarf and more help the heroes blend in. As for the sculpt style, it’s a mix of influences. The colored bandanas from the TV cartoon go with a realistic take on the classic Mirage artwork, with Henson-ish skin texture. Each turtle includes three heads, with one each looking like the early Playmates figures, one with a movie-style look, and another with a more comic booky expression.

Each figure also includes between 8 and 12 bonus hands for various poses and weapon grips. In addition to their signature weapons, the figures include ropes for climbing, communicators, pizza slices, impact FX pieces, shuriken and much more. Most toy collectors by now own several TMNT toys, but if someone were only to get one set ever, this might be the one. Preorders are live right now.

Check out the gallery below for more images. Then let us know what you think in comments.

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