Hasbro 10-27-22 Livestream: Star Wars, Marvel, and G.I. Joe

In a livestream exclusively for Hasbro Pulse members, the toy giant announced a handful of new figures from Star Wars, Marvel, and G.I. Joe. The annual Hasbro 10-27 event, with date chosen based on the company’s actual street address, also hoped to goose some last-minute sales for the Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance HasLab project. Requiring 9,000 backers by Monday, the project still stands at under 4,000. As an extra incentive, a new Daimon Hellstrom figure will get thrown in if it gets to 11,000, supplementing Madelyne Pryor at 10,000, and Mephisto at 12,000. The figures look cool, but that’s a big Hail Mary.

On the other hand, Marvel figures guaranteed to come include comic-based versions of Yelena Belova, Von Strucker, and Wonder Man. The previously announced animated-style Spider-Man and Carnage figures got revealed, and Power Man and Spider-Woman join the 3-3/4 inch retro line.

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In Star Wars, we saw a new Black Series Cal Kestis, Din Djarin in Morak disguise, and a repackaged deluxe Return of the Jedi Boba Fett on retro card. For the smaller Vintage Collection, a mortar-wielding Artillery Trooper is next.

G.I. Joe didn’t actually show anything, but they did announce that undercover agent and ’80s Don Johnson lookalike Chuckles will join the Classified series. Sadly, no further Indiana Jones news yet.

Take a look through the images below. Then tell us your favorite in comments!

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