Power Rangers Meet Cobra Kai and Karate Kid in Latest Figure Mashups

Perhaps more so than any other Hasbro action figure property, Power Rangers features a built-in limit. What happens once every Ranger gets a figure? Can the line sustain after the primary actors are all sculpted? One answer as far as that goes seems to be mash-ups. Hasbro has done Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Power Rangers, Street Fighter Power Rangers, and now it’s time for Cobra Kai. The streaming series that continues The Karate Kid movies’ storyline now veers into fantasy, as the toys imagine heroes and villains of the Miyagi-verse meeting Morphin time.

Ironically, for a show that began by centering Johnny Lawrence’s point of view, the first wave features LaRussos. Daniel, the original Karate Kid, powers up as the White Crane Ranger. In a ninja outfit, he includes a removable scarf, masked and unmasked head, interchangeable hands, and blast effect. Daniel’s daughter Samantha becomes the Pink Mantis Ranger, also ninja style, with similar accessories.

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The villain figure’s a bit more of a creative stretch. Skeleputty sees one of the alien Putty Patrol cannon fodder baddies don a costume similar to that of Johnny and pals’ Halloween costumes in the original Karate Kid movie. Complete with Cobra Kai dojo logo on the back, this creature may strike first, but not so hard, and with little need of mercy since they never win.

If previous collaborations in this line indicate anything, it’s that they seldom stop at one wave. Maybe John Kreese can become Lord Zedd, or Johnny an eagle ninja of some sort. Samantha could use a version of Tori to fight. For now, each figure preorders on Hasbro Pulse for $27.99. Take a look through the available images below.

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