Godzilla Takes on the Power Rangers In New Comic Crossover

The Power Rangers usually make short work of giant monsters thanks to their Zords. However, their next opponent won’t be put down as easily. IDW, Boom! Studios, Hasbro, and Toho have announced Godzilla vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a new comic book crossover miniseries that pits the Rangers against the world’s most famous kaiju.

Cullen Bunn (Deadpool) and artist Freddie Williams II (Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) are the creative team behind this five-issue miniseries. Within the story, the Rangers’ nemesis, Rita Repulsa, finds a universe without her hated foes. Regardless, this realm is defended by Godzilla, which is why Rita will send some new giant monsters to take on the icon. Shortly thereafter, the Power Rangers also travel to this world. And once that happens, the Dinozords’ battle with Godzilla is inevitable.

Williams’ cover for the first issue is below.

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“I am honored to bring two iconic franchises like Godzilla and the Power Rangers together,” said Bunn in statement. “I’ve been a massive Godzilla fan since before I could read, and my love for the King of Monsters has never faded in all those years. Likewise, I’ve always loved Tokusatsu superheroics, and vividly remember watching the first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when it came out. This is a crossover that I suspect will take readers by surprise—but it makes complete sense! Writing for these characters is a dream come true for this giant monster-loving kid-at-heart, and when readers pick up this book, I want them to feel that sense of awe and wonder that these characters have inspired for decades!”

“This will be the biggest, most stratospheric crossover I’ve ever drawn!” added Williams. “It’s the combination of so many big genres: Giant Monsters vs. Mechs, martial arts vs. science and magic, with lots of collateral destruction! I’ve been watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episodes and Godzilla films to submerge my brain space, and have been reminded how fantastic and charming these designs are and how much fun prior creators had with their designs. I’m excited to contribute to the long legacies of these franchises!”

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Godzilla Vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 will hit comic book stores in March 2022. You can also see an alternate cover by EJ. Su below.

What do you think about this new crossover? Let us know in the comment section below!

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