Mongul and Frankenstein Are the Next McFarlane DC Mega Figures

McFarlane Toys teased many new figures at New York Comic Con, including many we don’t have official images for yet. Among the announcements: an Aquaman 7-inch page-punchers wave, more Super Powers figures, and a wave based on Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. But among those that the company is ready to show are the two latest mega figures. Mongul and Frankenstein.

Mongul’s a longtime foe of Superman. The ruler of Warworld, a planet that’s like a more gun-studded Death Star, He’s tough enough to take on a Kryptonian. Most famously, in Alan Moore’s “For the Man Who Hs Everything,” he used a parasitic plant to send Superman into a dream state where he imagined having a family on Krypton. Freeing himself from it required Kal-El to feel everything a father would when his family dies — a devastating emotional attack that earned Mongul a righteous beatdown.

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This particular Frankenstein might be one of McFarlane’s deepest cut figures yet. As seen in Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers, he’s part of a C-list “team” that isn’t actually a team, as they never meet despite being part of the same struggle. It’s an update of one of DC’s earliest teams, originally more akin to Watchmen‘s Minutemen, as they mostly have no super powers and saw publication in the ’40s.

Also, you know Todd just loves to make classic monsters.

The fact that McFarlane Toys released official images means you can probably expect preorders to begin in about a week. If past is prologue, expect a price tag around $39.99 each for the 12-inch-ish figures.

Will you preorder either one? Let us know in comments.

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