McFarlane Toys Debuts 7-Inch Page Punchers Figures With New Comic

McFarlane Toys initially introduced Page Punchers as an affordable, kid-focused concept including a  figure and a comic, in one package for $9.99. Shortly after they went up for preorder, some adult collectors grumbled that they didn’t see the appeal. Well, McFarlane has them covered too. The Page Punchers line just announced an upsized version in the usual McFarlane 7-inch DC scale. And each of the four, rather than coming with a reissue comic, will include an all-new story starring Black Adam.

Adam, of course, will lead the set of four, in a  completely different look from his recent Endless Winter costume. An upgraded classic Superman, and a Batman inspired by Lee Bermejo and the recent movie Batsuit make for popular A-list additions. Finally, though, McFarlane’s first-ever John Constantine action figure joins the pack.

Retailers will reveal the prices when these go up everywhere for preorder tomorrow. Best guess? Probably $24.99. Including a comic is one way to disguise a necessary price hike while adding perceived value. And McFarlane can’t hold to that $20 point forever, when every competitor has blown past it.

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Do you like seeing the Page Punchers in this new upsized format? Does an all-new comic work as enticement, even if it’s the same one with all four figures? Let us know in comments below.

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