Playmobil’s Next Star Trek Ship Will Be a Klingon Bird of Prey

After wowing Star Trek fans with one of the most impressive Enterprise toys to date, Playmobil has done it again. It’s hard to go bigger, but they’ve definitely gone innovative, with the new Bird of Prey playset from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. The ship’s basic proportions look mostly maintained and into caricatured, so that even non-Playmobil fans can display it just in ship form. Bit as is the norm for this company, it comes loaded with play features.

Obviously, the wings move up and down. Unsurprisingly, it fires torpedoes. It also includes lights that can draw power from either batteries or a USB cable. Plus authentic movie sounds.

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Most impressively, however, it also plugs into a Genesis planet display base, where Captain Kirk can Kick Commander Kruge into lava. The ship can also hang from the ceiling, but seriously, the base display is creative as all hell:

The set includes figures of Kirk, Spock, Kruge, and Klingon Officers Maltz, Torg, and one other unnamed Klingon. Fun fact: Maltz was originally played by popular sitcom star and Texas Chain Saw Massacre narrator John Larroquette.

The Enterprise set originally cost $500, though it’s considerably cheaper now (see link below). The Bird of Prey will run you $299.99, and comes out sometime next month.

What do you think of this cool new set? Let us know in comments.

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