McFarlane Toys Reveals Jake Sulley Avatar Action Figure

The first Avatar film seemed to take many licensees by surprise. Not necessarily trusting in James Cameron as solidly as sci-fi film fans do, many felt hesitant to take on an unproven property. Mattel made a relatively small toy line, but invested heavily in an enhanced reality gimmick that didn’t take off. No such errors this time. The new Avatar sequel will have plenty of licensed tie-ins, with McFarlane Toys getting the main action figure license. We’ve seen them reveal a Banshee. Now we get a good look at its first rider, Jake Sulley in avatar form. It’s unclear if this Jake Sulley Avatar action figure is from the first or second movie, or as yet how they differ in appearance anyway.

Take a look:

The Avatar figures appear to have McFarlane’s standard articulation, with perhaps a bit more range since the Na’vi run taller and thinner than the usual more jacked-up superheroes. Jake looks to have several weapons, including a bow, knife, and short spear.

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No word yet on when we’ll see these hit stores, but the Avatar LEGO sets release Oct 1, and odds seem good that other merchandise will launch around the same time. Many licensees are playing catch-up with retroactive product based on the first film, and that’s most likely what we see here, with sequel stuff to follow.

What do you think of the first figure? Let us know in comments.

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