Hasbro Drops Three Big Pre-SDCC 2022 Star Wars Figure Reveals

Hasbro‘s not actually selling any exclusive figures at Comic-Con itself this year, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have Comic-Con exclusives. As they did at Star Wars Celebration, they’ll give out vouchers with a special code to access the special show figure on Hasbro Pulse. One of their big pre-SDCC 2022 reveals is this exclusive: an all-black War of the Bounty Hunters Boba Fett. If it looks familiar, that may be because this variant is Hot Toys’ Star Wars exclusive as well.

In a normal year, the debut figure from Disney+‘s Andor might have sold as a con exclusive. This year, he’s just coming later in the fall, but in special packaging reminiscent of past exclusives. The Cassian Andor action figure comes with his droid, amusingly named B2EMO. If the usual patterns hold, he’ll see release without the droid in regular packaging later on.

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While those figures come from the 6-inch Black Series, 3-3/4 Vintage get a special set too. The Rescue features a Mandalorian with soft goods cape, beskar spear, and flame effects, Moff Gideon with the Darksaber and Grogu, and a Darktrooper with removable burning flame effects. This should show up in Spring of 2023.

Now brace for the prices, because they keep going up. That Boba Fett goes for $33.99, Cassian and B2EMO for $55.99, and The Rescue for $74.99. Might be time to hunt a view bounties to round up the credits. take a look through the gallery below, then tell us in comments how much you think they’re worth.

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