Hot Toys Adds New-Old Spider-Man and Wolverine Movie Figures

Like most of us, Hot Toys probably suspected that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man would appear in No Way Home. But with Sony reluctant to confirm that, the company did what they could in timely fashion, greenlighting a Garfield figure from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Since Sony did confirm villains fairly early on, they’ve also created a Lizard diorama piece. It’s in scale, but cheaper than a fully poseable action figure might run. The Lizard does hail from No Way Home, warping in from another reality. But he pairs perfectly with new-old Spider-Man

Speaking of other realities, nobody’s forgetting the Fox X-Men universe. Until Kevin Feige casts a new Wolverine, Hugh Jackman remains the definitive version. So why not give him another figure? This time, it’s the 1973 version from Days of Future Past. With interchangeable shirts and jacket, he can go retro in many ways. Order with or without a deluxe rubble base.

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As of publication time, preorder information hadn’t appeared on Sideshow’s website, where most Hot Toys distribute domestically. But in their basic versions, Spider-Man and Wolverine come with minimal accessories and should run around the base Hot Toys price of $280. Take a look through the gallery below to see if you think they’ll be worth it. Then leave us your thoughts in comments.

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