Masters of the Universe Mega Construx Snake Mountain Is Coming

As revealed in early, uncolored prototype form at the last Power-Con, a Mega Construx Snake Mountain playset will soon arrive for Masters of the Universe. The future of the line faced some doubt, with recent sets obtaining slow distribution, and an advent calendar cancelled by retailers. However, this massive $321 buildable lair for Skeletor should gain some interest. It’s the first playset version of the fortress available in stores since the ’80s. Mattel’s mail-order “Classics” iteration for 7-inch figures cost $500 and required crowdfunding.

Snake Mountain will debut on Mattel Creations tomorrow, July 8. But Mattel confirmed it will hit other retailers at a later date, so don’t worry about quick sell-outs. The popular Castle Grayskull set saw more than one release, for everyone who wanted it.

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This buildable, LEGO-ish version looks patterned on the Classics iteration, which combined elements of the original toy and the various animated designs. It can fold closed or open, and incorporates features like a lava wall, poseable snake, demon face, rope bridge and more. Interior features include a tentacle monster, strategy table, and bone throne. Minifigs packaged with the set include Dragon Blaster Skeletor, Thunder Punch He-Man, Evil-Lyn (vintage toy colors), Trap Jaw, Ram-Man, and Webstor.

Will you build the serpentine fortress? Does that price still sound too high? Let us know in comments.

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