Splinter Van Helsing Joins NECA’s TMNT x Universal Monsters Figures

As “Universal Monsters” characters go, the young, fedora-wearing Van Helsing is relatively modern, rather than the classic black and white icons we think of. But he still counts. NECA‘s newly revealed Splinter Van Helsing mashup figure looks inspired visually by Hugh Jackman’s 2004 movie portrayal, moreso than the classic aging professor of Bram Stoker’s novel and the Bela Lugosi movie. As for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles side of the design equation, Splinter takes his cues from the ’90s live-action movies, just as the Judith Hoag Bride of Frankenstein April figure did.

However, given that the Jackman Van Helsing fought multiple monsters, does that mean Splinter’s going into battle against his kids? That would be a dark storyline. But when we posed this question on Twitter, NECA’s Blaine Rodenbaugh gave a very pointed answer…

Indeed, the Turtle boys in this line are Frankenstein, Ygor, The Mummy, and Invisible Man. Not one is Dracula. Which implies that in this line, Dracula may be the big bad. And we know who has to fill that role in the TMNT-verse. Of course, in Jackman’s Van Helsing movie, he did end up allied with the Frankenstein monster and the human form of the Wolf Man. So he’s open to cooperation.

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So far, NECA’s only shown the one teaser image above. But expect preorder info in the near future.

What do you think of Splinter Vam Helsing? Let us know in comments.

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