Self-Transforming Optimus Prime Gets a Self-Transforming Trailer

Remember that $700 Optimus Prime Transformers figure that transforms automatically, strikes battle poses, talks, and can be remotely controlled? If you missed it the first time, it’s back, albeit this time at $750. But it’s not alone. Now there’s a $750 self-transforming trailer for him as well..for an additional $750. It’s like trading a truckload of cash for a literal truckload of awesome.

It’s not just a big, empty accessory, either. The trailer automatically converts to battle station mode, or opens up to unleash a remote-controlled Roller drone. At around three feet in length, it features lights and sounds, a controllable control tower, and Spike Witwicky mini-figure to ride in either Roller or the tower. It also appears new moves and dialogue for Optimus Prime will continue to be downloadable.

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Check it out in action:

Preorder the trailer and order Optimus over at Hasbro Pulse. The Autobot leader looks available now, with the trailer possibly out by Christmas.

That price tag seems like a big ask, although if it were a HasLab project, fans would undoubtedly back it. With none of that crowdfunding proving necessary, will you bite the bullet and bring home the most elaborate Transformer ever? Tell us your thoughts in comments.

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