McFarlane Toys Introduces Munitions Pack for Figures That Need Guns

It’s been a frustration for one of McFarlane Toys licenses in particular that, not long after the company took over making the toys, the licensor laid down a demand that none of the characters could come with replica guns. This is a particular frustration when in some cases, those characters have signature weapons that are a key part of their characters in the original entertainment. When someone in a particular movie or TV show is defined by their love of shooting people for peace, for example, and their figure can only come with a sword, it feels wrong. Finally, an unlicensed Munitions Pack for 7-inch figures looks to fix that.

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While some of the weapons seem generic, others may feel more specific to certain characters. Like a pistol with a peculiarly long barrel that might seem like a joke. Or a silver handgun with silencer to make a peaceful sound. Sets of twin handguns could fit any number of characters known for them. Especially if McFarlane had the foresight to still give them trigger fingers. The demo video shows them in the hands of Spawn characters, but collectors know the true targets.

Whether the characters simply want to avoid being deceased in comics, or armed against superheroes with something more than just a bat, man, this arsenal makes some truer to the source material than others. Preorder now for July delivery exclusively at McFarlane’s online store.

Will you arm your figures with these weapons? Let us know in comments!

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