Luke’s Landspeeder is LEGO’s Next Star Wars Ultimate Collector Set

Almost by definition, Luke’s Landspeeder in Star Wars Episode IV is not supposed to be cool. It’s a run-down hot rod that a backwater farm kid would own. But LEGO might not have gotten the memo. because they make it look pretty darn cool as the latest set in their Ultimate Collector Series for Star Wars. At nearly 20 inches long, and 1,890 pieces, the civilian X-34 features all the sand-blasted corrosion and exposed wiring of Luke Skywalker’s personal model.

The set also includes two minifigs, though the vehicle itself looks more in scale with classic Kenner Star Wars figures. Luke Skywalker comes with his lightsaber, and the C-3PO is an exclusive new version. The protocol droid features 2K moulded legs, including a two-tone colored right leg, and a side print.

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Luke’s Landspeeder will go up for sale at LEGO stores and on — when else? — May the 4th. VIP members can purchase early in May 1st. The cost? $199.99

Get a look at many more images in our gallery below, including several shots of the build in progress. Will you set aside the $200 necessary to make this purchase? Are these the minifigs you’re looking for? Let us know in comments below.

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