Hasbro Kicks Off Spider-Man 60th Anniversary Marvel Legends Line

First, the bad news for Spider-Man toy fans: new No Way Home action figures won’t arrive on toy shelves until next year. Unlike Marvel Studios, which shares spoiler information with Hasbro for the sake of toys, Sony plays cards closer to the vest. All-new Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man figures will be coming. But because the Hasbro folks didn’t get confirmation of their return until they saw the movie itself, it’s going to take a while. In the meantime, the Spider-Man 60th anniversary Marvel Legends line will celebrate every iteration of the web-slinger. And debut the closed-box, no-plastic packaging Hasbro intends to use moving forward.

Peter and Ned from Homecoming must satiate the live-action movie fix for now. In high-school garb, Peter comes with an alternate expression head, while Ned includes a Spidey-masked head. From the animated Into the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man Noir gets a makeover, and pairs with a previously released Spider-Ham PVC.

Honoring more modern comics, Symbiotes attack with a two-pack of Knull and bat-winged Venom, the latter using the movie figure as a base body. From classic comics, the first appearance Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man sports web wings and a less muscular body. And from parts in-between, Iron Spider, Future Foundation Spidey, and a Renew Your Vows set featuring an all-new classic Spidey with MJ as Spinneret.

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Meanwhile, the animated series line expands with the Lizard, who will not be a repaint of the recent build-a-figure, but a more cartoon-accurate sculpt with bendy tail. Note that while specific No Way Home figures can’t come out this year, nothing says that some of those characters in their previous movie attire won’t. And comic-based figures will start using the photo-real face paints on human characters, with the Peter head in the Renew Your Vows set kicking it off.

Plus, in addition to Spidey, Hasbro finally revealed the last in their Marvel Legends 20th anniversary line. Toad comes with alternate heads, little toad sidekicks, and a base with a double-sided cardboard backdrop that doubles as a diorama or comic cover.

All these except Lizard (and some additional quantities of the Silk/Doc Ock two pack) will go up for preorder at 1pm eastern tomorrow, 4/20, at most retailers. The pricing may sting a bit: individual figures are now up to $27.99, two-packs $55.99. Premium figures like Iron Spider and Toad hit $33.99, and the large-sized Knull and Venom set runs $77.99. This comes following the current $22.99 Doctor Strange movie figures, and the increase to $24.99 for the next Disney+ wave. Spend wisely.

Take a look through the gallery below, then tell us what you think in comments.

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