Trini and Jason Trade Suits for Exclusive Power Rangers Figure Set

Who’d have thought their outfits would fit each other? Now that’s the kind of morphing fabric we could all use. In Boom! Studios’ Go Go Power Rangers comic, Trini and Jason travel to an alien world and discover their power sets and weapons have swapped. Plus they have an unusual new connection. Hasbro, ever on the lookout for new variants, commemorates this event with an exclusive two pack of Red Ranger Trini and Yellow Ranger Jason. As usual, both figures come with swap-out helmeted and unmasked heads.

Both Rangers come with their Ranger sidearms and holsters. The Red Ranger wields a sword, and the Yellow Ranger twin daggers, as befits their colors and skill sets. And since this is the Lightning Collection, the weapons feature removable lightning effects for dynamic display.

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Following a quick sellout of limited supply on Hasbro Pulse, this Trini and Jason two-pack now stays exclusive to GameStop. As all Hasbro figures have seen a price range this year, it’s gonna run you $47.99. An anticipated delivery date of December means it might make a timely Christmas gift, but with supply chain issues, don’t bet the abandoned warehouse district on it.

Will you pick this two-pack up? Tell us your thoughts in comments. And check out more images below.

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