Terrifying Joker Dragon Kicks off McFarlane Winter 2022 DC Reveals

McFarlane Toys‘ Winter Showcase, in lieu of Toy Fair, continues today, dedicated to all things DC. And while more items seem likely to leak out over the course of the day — an early sales image hints at Killer Croc and Man-Bat mega-figures — nothing’s likely to beat the Joker Dragon for pure nightmare fuel. It’s the sort of monster that’s totally up Todd McFarlane’s alley, while still being a Joker variant. At $29.99, it’s packaged like a vehicle and features a translucent stand. Like so many other McFarlane Bat-variants, it originates in the Dark Nights: Metal storyline.

Also from the Dark Multiverse that storyline created: a Duke Thomas Batman in dragon armor, and a Batman Who Laughs in Batsuit. Preorder all three figures for $69.97 at McFarlane’s online store, and they’ll throw in a bonus unmasked variant Zur-En-Arrh Batman.

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Prefer to order individual figures? Entertainment Earth has all except Zur-En-Arrh. (As an affiliate partner with Entertainment Earth, Superhero Hype may earn fees based on site links.) But some reveals won’t become available just yet — McFarlane also showed off a comics-based Godspeed and TV-based Flash action figure. The Flash marks the company’s first foray into the Arrowverse since their awkward wave 1 Arrow figure. And it looks like a vast improvement. Fans would undoubtedly like to see more in this vein — perhaps a Stargirl of Batwoman down the line?

Take a look through our mini-gallery below for more. And expect further updates as the weekend continues. Which is your favorite so far? Let us know in comments.

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