Spawn Series 3 Figures Include Three Classics Updated and the Haunt

Todd McFarlane’s spending this weekend showcasing what he would have revealed at Toy Fair this year. So the McFarlane Toys‘ Winter Showcase kicked off today, with the company’s signature character, Spawn. Like the new comics, the revamped Spawn toy line frequently takes older toys and remakes them with modern articulation. And for Spawn series 3, three old favorites return, upgraded and upsized.

Teased at Christmas, Spawn on throne recreates an old box set, this time with a Spawn figure who can actually stand up as well as sitting down. The figure appears to be a slight redo of the Mortal Kombat Spawn in cleaner colors, and with a cape that’s just the top part, for seated poses. The throne of garbage, corpses, and weapons sports more color than ever. This set runs $39.99, but it’s topped by the $49.99 Overtkill, the zombie cyborg with a new reemphasis on the zombie part.

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Ninja Spawn gets a remake so elaborate it’s tough to imagine the guy being stealthy or invisible. “Arabian Swordsman Spawn” might not sound as marketable, perhaps, though it’s more appropriate design-wise. And a new character debuts — The Haunt, whose drawings lately appear to be McFarlane trying to make another Venom-like character for himself. Yes, its backstory is very different, and that’s ectoplasm rather than a symbiote. But Todd knows what visuals work.

Wrapping up the wave is a refresh of Raven Spawn with new weapons. And McFarlane also dropped a sneak teaser of Medieval Spawn. From the back, at least, the figure looks elaborate enough to be the next Kickstarter. Check him out yourself, at the end of the gallery below.

Entertainment Earth has preorders up for all the new figures, coming next month. That’s a nice, quick turnaround for once. (As an affiliate partner with Entertainment Earth, Superhero Hype may earn fees based on site links.)

What do you think of these Spawn toy upgrades? Let us know in comments.

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