McFarlane Toys Spawn Series 2 Includes Three New, Two Redecos

Fear not if that first wave of new Spawn figures proves elusive. At least two of them will return in slightly altered forms for Spawn series 2. Gunslinger Spawn, in a slightly more saturated color scheme, gets a Gatling gun in place of his rifle. And the Redeemer gets a black and gray makeover as “dark Redeemer” with the classic-style sword.

They’ll be joined by three new figures, two of which offer new takes on classic. Cy-Gor, packaged as a mega-fig, offers the robotic gorilla with more paint deco and articulation than the recent RAW 10 release for kids. And She-Spawn delivers a sexier take on an oft-modified figure who has mostly existed purely as a toy, but now comes to the comics.

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The Soul Crusher, new to toys, hails from more recent comics. This villain prone to poison gas usage includes two guns and a sculpted cloak. As all these figures run slightly larger than the standard McFarlane, they also cost a little more, at $24.99. Soul Crusher and the two redeco figures can be preordered now, for December release. The other two should go on offer next week.

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