Mezco Toyz Fair 2022 Reveals: TMNT, Batman, G.I. Joe and More

Toy Fair would have taken place in New York this weekend, had conventions become any safer. As is, we are still in COVID’s world when it comes to massive throngs of humanity. So once again, toy companies look to have their own online events to reveal product for the year. Some are choosing to wait until next week. Mezco did not, showcasing their own Mezco Toyz Fair 2022 this weekend with multiple reveals.

Of those relevant to the Superhero Hype audiences, many A-list names came up. In the One: 12 collection, the long-rumored, oft-delayed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finally became confirmed. In keeping with Mezco’s tradition of mixing and matching references, these TMNT look grounded in the Mirage comics style design-wise. However, they retain the differing hues of green and color-coded bandanas from the Playmates toys and cartoon. All with the realistic texture of the movie suits.

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Batman and Robin also get new One: 12’s, but in different styles. Robin draws from modern comics, while Bruce Wayne will be Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. G.I. Joe gets two new One: 12 figures, with Snake Eyes version 2 and Storm Shadow. And finally on the One: 12 tip, the Amazing Spider-Man — comics version, not Andrew Garfield — swings into costumed goodness.

The smaller-scale, less articulated Five Points line will add two versions of The Crow, and a Silent Hill twin-pack of Pyramid Head and a nurse. Most impressive, though, is a Scooby-Doo haunted house playset that includes the scary house from the show intro, the Mystery Machine, the Scooby gang, and four monsters. It’s a one-stop set allowing fans to get everything essential in a single purchase.

Take a look at the teaser images in our gallery below. Then tells us your favorites in comments.

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