TMNT: The Last Ronin Figures Coming From Playmates and NECA

In a dark future controlled by the Foot Clan, a lone hero in a half-shell fights back. Bearing all the weapons of his fallen brothers, this masterless samurai no longer acts like the tubular turtle he used to be. In TMNT: The Last Ronin comic, he must embark on one last battle for vengeance. And two different toy companies will tackle it. The Last Ronin figures will come from both longtime Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles licensor Playmates, and the collector catnippers at NECA.

The Last Ronin — we know his identity, but some consider it a spoiler — will be Previews exclusive in the classic 5-inch scale. He comes with all the turtles’ weapons, though one of Leo’s katanas is broken. Throw in some ninja stars for good measure. Preorders are live now at various sites including our affiliate partners at Entertainment Earth. He runs $29.99, and random customers may even get lucky with a rare black-and-white chase variant. (Note: Superhero Hype earns fees based on Entertainment Earth purchases through site links.)

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Less is known of NECA’s version, as they’ve shown just one image so far. But it’s likely to be in their usual 6-7 inch scale. Word has it a shirtless version will follow.

Get a good look at the figures in our gallery below. Then decide if these gritty TMNT look right for your home display. Will you welcome the last ronin? Let us know in comments.

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