First Look: Diamond Select Marvel Beta Ray Bill PVC Diorama

He may have only been glimpsed in the MCU via a statue head on Sakaar, but Beta Ray Bill remains a fan favorite whom we’ll likely see onscreen sooner or later. The horse-faced cyborg from the Burning Galaxy wielded Stormbreaker in the Thor comics, though Mjolnir also found him worthy. A survivor of Surtur, he faced the demon again in the comics version of Ragnarok. And he’s also faced Galactus and been part of the Secret Invasion. Storywise, it feels like he missed movie adaptation by that much.

He never lacks for collectibles, however. And today we’re pleased to debut the first images of Diamond Select‘s Marvel Comic Gallery Beta Ray Bill PVC Diorama. Like most in the line, it’s approximately 8-inch scale, and $49.99.

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From the official description: “Get ready for the thunder! The alien wielder of Stormbreaker, Beta Ray Bill, leaps off the comic page and onto your shelf as the newest Marvel Gallery Diorama! Leaping through the clouds, Bill is ready for battle, hammer in hand, with detailed sculpting and paint applications. This piece stands approximately 10 inches tall and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed and sculpted by Alterton!”

Preorders will open starting February 18th for a fall delivery. And while he may have Beta in his name, don’t mistake him for anything less than an alpha male.

Will you add this Beta Ray Bill to your collection? Let us know what you think in comments.

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