Naturally, McFarlane Toys Does Bloodied Variant Princess Bride Figures

Over the years, McFarlane Toys has become a company known for blood-soaked variants of its more violently themed action figures. From Movie Maniacs to Mortal Kombat, figures based on its R-rated licenses upped the desirability of some figures by splattering them in red. A film intended for the whole family, like The Princess Bride, might seem a less obvious target. And yet…every kid who grew up with that movie originally is now at least forty-something. So here, in wave 2 of the action figures, come the bloodied variant versions.

Inigo Montoya and “Dread Pirate Roberts” are the ones who come brutally wounded. Roberts also has his mask off to reveal him as Westley, while Inigo boasts a suitably angry expression. While it makes sense for both to be injured at certain story points, they look to be gushing more blood than appears in the movie’s entirety.

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Rounding out the wave is a newly sculpted Buttercup in wedding dress, the all-new Vizzini, and Fezzik with holocaust cloak. (Yes, that’s what it’s actually called, and no, it probably would not get called that today.) The Fezzik figure looks like a straight rerelease, minus the rock and peanut accessories. Vizzini finally makes Waiting for Guffman‘s My Dinner With Andre action figures one step closer to reality. Like some of McFarlane’s licensed movie and TV figures, they cost a little more than usual at $24.99. though Fezzik remains the standard mega-fig price of $39.99. This really was a line where Fezzik could have been done as a build-a-figure, though it’s possible licensing forbade it.

Packing wise, note that Inigo and Vizzini are two-per-case figures, with Westley and Buttercup at one each. Unmasked Cary Elwes thus may prove slightly rarer, so anyone making Saw customs should preorder quickly. (Note: Superhero Hype participates in the Entertainment Earth Affiliate Program, designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Entertainment Earth.)

Will you seek out these vein-tapped variants? Check out all the images in the gallery below. Then let us know in comments.

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