The Roger Rabbit Figures You Never Got in 1988 Are Coming

For a movie as big and groundbreaking as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the tie-in toys proved surprisingly lackluster. Like a lot of Disney movies during that era — think The Rocketeer also — action figures simply weren’t a priority. Bendies, yes. But the rubber-over-wire toys didn’t quite feel compatible with other movie action figures. Now, however, with Super7 gobbling up as many retro licenses as possible, Roger Rabbit figures will arrive soon. Tuesday at 9 a.m., in fact. Check out all your favorite online retailers at that time.

For now, the Roger Rabbit license looks confined to 3-3/4 inch ReAction figures in the traditional Kenner style. Because most of the characters are Toons, that works better than for most. The retro-style often serves as an excuse for toy companies not to use actor likenesses and fudge the faces into generic looks. However, Toons can’t sue or receive additional royalties. The only ostensible human figure, a pre-unmasking Judge Doom, doesn’t officially resemble Christopher Lloyd, but the character remains recognizable. Roger, Jessica, and weasels Smarty and Stupid look pretty dead on, though.

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Each figure comes with one accessory, and for Doom, it’s a whole separate character: the ill-fated squeaky shoe. Smarty wields a plunger, Stupid a bat, and Roger some handcuffs he can escape when it’s funny to. Jessica gets maybe the best bonus, in a frying pan with Roger’s indented face.

If these do well — and considering how much better they look than many other ReAction figures, they ought to — 7-inch Ultimates could come next. Super7 already does a Disney line in that scale that encompasses movies from Robin Hood to Fantasia. The range of accessories that Ultimate Roger Rabbit figures could come with may make a completist salivate. Meanwhile, look closer at the ReActions in our gallery below. Will you preorder any? Let us know in comments.

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